Flow-Through Microarrays

A better channel for multiplex assays!

At the heart the Ziplex® System is the single-use TipChip consumable designed for routine and focused multiplex analysis for nucleic acids or proteins. The TipChip is a disposable device consisting of a 6.5 mm square chip mounted on a plastic tube. The chip is made of porous silicon with >200,000 microchannels. A single capture probe site occupies approximately 70 microchannels. Within each microchannel is a three dimensional matrix where molecular interactions occur as target solutions are repeatedly passed back and forth through the channels (see Figure 1). This approach facilitates the interaction between target molecules and immobilized probes, resulting in 3 to 4 times faster hybridization of oligonucleotides or protein binding.














Figure 1. A close up view of the TipChip microarray channels.

Up to 8 TipChip arrays (one per sample) can be run on the Ziplex® System simultaneously, with a robot arm processing the arrays through a series of microplate wells filled with reagents and washing buffers. Binding activity on each feature is detected by chemiluminescence using a CCD (charge-coupled device) camera.

For biomarker researchers, TipChips can provide the following benefits for performing multiplex assays:

  • Can be made to express either oligonucleotide probes for gene analysis, or capture proteins for protein analysis
  • Designed to contain up to 576 spots per chip (“features”)
  • Depending on the number of replicates and controls, each microarray can provide quantitative data for up to 150 different biomarkers.
  • Oligonucleotide (including panelPlus™) hybridization in less than 1.5 hours, protein binding as quick as 10 minutes
  • Using panelPlus™ TipChips, users can create custom multiplex arrays for the analysis of up 12 proteins with 4 replicates per analyte, or 48 data points per TipChip
  • Xpress Chips™are available from Axela, which feature focused gene signatures related to various diseases
  • Autograph Chips™ can be custom designed by Axela at the request of customers with specific research needs