Ziplex® System

Let the Ziplex® System do most of the work!

The Ziplex® System is a medium-density microarray platform designed for routine and focused multiplex analysis of protein or RNA biomarkers. Unlike expensive, high-density microarray systems that overwhelm researchers with large amount of unnecessary data, the Ziplex® System uses a highly reproducible, lower density array to provide expression information on specific genetic or protein biomarker signatures. It uniquely combines three separate automated functions (hybridization/protein binding, washing/labeling and imaging) into a single bench top instrument providing researchers with a highly flexible platform that is fast and simple to use.

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The Ziplex® System Features:

  • Flow-Thru Chip Technology – enables fast hybridization times of less than 180 minutes or protein binding in less than 30 minutes
  • Automated“Set and Forget” functionality minimizing user interaction to only sample preparation, workflow entry, and sample and reagent loading
  • Rapid Throughput – runs up to 8 gene expression samples per run in under 3 hours allowing up to 24 tests per day. For proteins, 8 samples can be evaluated per run with assay times that are often less than one hour allowing for up to 64 tests per shift (<150 targets per chip)!
  • High Sensitivity – femtomolar detection limit for synthetic oligonucleotides, low pg/mL for proteins from as little as 2 uL of sample
  • Single, Robust Platform for both gene or protein expression analysis with high inter-assay and inter-instrument reproducibility
  • Built-in image capture and analysis software – delivers easy-to-interpret reports on well defined arrays of biomarkers