Both the Ziplex® and dotLab mX Systems include simple and easy to use, embedded software for method creation, data gathering and data analysis. The software also allows data to be exported to a spreadsheet (eg. csv) for more rigorous data processing, or to a PDF format as a summary report. Highlights of each software are given below:

dotLab® mX Software features:
  • User friendly Mac OS-based (for the instrument and desktop use) and Windows-based (for the desktop analysis) software are available
  • Integrated bar code scanner for sensor and sample entry
  • Straight forward, ‘Drag and Drop’ interface for creating customized methods for sensor washing/conditioning and sample loading, as well as sample schedules for multiple runs
  • Live Run Screen allows monitoring of experiments in real time
  • Contains built-in data analysis software
  • Generates data reports quickly and automatically
  • Available with support for 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Compliance
Ziplex® System features:
  • Window-based software
  • Automatically acquires images of the chemiluminescent signals on the TipChip probes. (Multiple exposures are acquired of each TipChip to enable quantification over a large dynamic range).
  • Automatically analyzes the images, quality controls the data, quantifies signal intensities, and averages replicates of each probe
  • Outputs comma-delimited tables of relative target quantities along with basic statistical and quality control information