panelPlus TipChips

An easy way to customize multiplex protein arrays!

With panelPlus™ technology, custom microarrays can be easily created in order to investigate a selected group of specific biomarker reagents. On a panelPlus™ TipChip array, individual capture spots are addressed with a unique oligonucleotide linker that is complimentary to an oligonucleotide label in a panelPlus™ Labeling Kit. Up to 12 different oligonucleotide linkers are available on a TipChip giving a multiplex panel featuring an equal number of biomarkers on a single microarray. With numerous capture spots per chip, a large number of replicates and controls can be included in a single assay.

After labeling the chosen biomarkers, the Ziplex® System takes over, automating each subsequent step in the assay (1- rapid hybridization of the panelPlus™ oligonucleotides; 2 - sample incubation; 3 - detection by chemiluminescence, and then; 4 - report generation and data analysis). Together, the automation of the Ziplex® System and simplicity of panelPlus™ technology create an easy to use and completely flexible microarray system ideal for translating biomarker discoveries into clinical assays.