panelPlus™ Sensors

Customize your multiplex assay, do a quick run, then repeat…

Axela has combined the advantages of flow through diffractive optics with panelPlus™ multiplex technology. Together these two technologies enable researchers to run real time immunoassays using customized multiplex panels on Axela’s diffractive optics systems, thereby creating a powerful platform for investigating protein biomarkers for future clinical assays.

With panelPlus™, individual spots on a sensor are addressed with one of our unique oligonucleotide sequences. Biomarker capture reagents that have been conjugated with a complimentary oligonucleotide using one of the panelPlus™ Labeling Kits are then applied to the surface. Rapid hybridization of the oligonucleotides occurs to create a multiplex biomarker panel in situ. Real time assays can then be performed on samples using traditional immunoassay protocols including those requiring signal amplification to enhance the sensitivity of low abundant or low molecular weight protein analytes. In addition, bead-based amplification methods can also be used (eg. gold nanoparticles conjugated to detection antibodies) leveraging the bulk of the particle to increase the diffraction signal.

At the completion of an assay, the sensor can be regenerated to its original surface using special regeneration buffers. The assay can then be repeated on a different sample or the same sample can be probed for a new set of biomarkers. This automated feature results in even greater flexibility during assay development as well as lower overall cost per assay.

For a complete list of panelPlus™ products for the dotLab®mX System, please visit our Catalogue.