Diffractive Optics Technology

Multiplex immunoassays in just 15 minutes!

Diffractive Optics Technology combines multiplex immunoassay formats with real time measurements into protein interactions thereby giving more informative immunoassays compared to traditional end-point techniques. Our current system, the dotLab® mX System, is a highly flexible and easy to use assay development platform suitable for protein biomarker research and the investigation of new diagnostic tests.

The dotLab mX System for assay development

Features of the dotLab® mX System are:

  • Gives real time observations of binding and dissociation reactions allowing for immediate understanding of molecular events
  • Provides the ability for sequential probing of analytes in order to aid the development of new immunoassays
  • Up to 3-plex multiplex with panelPlus™ Technology
  • Detects analyte concentrations across a broad dynamic range (up to 7 logs) through sequential signal amplification techniques
  • Ideal for complex biological samples such as serum, plasma or crude cell lysates with only a minimal level of sample preparation
  • User friendly and intuitive software that is available with support for 21 CFR Part11 Compliance
  • Provides rapid assay results (15-45 minutes) allowing researchers the ability to make same-day decisions
  • Suitable for rapid multiplex serological assays as well as point of care diagnostics research and development

For more information on the dotLab® mX System, please download our latest brochure.

Our next generation diffractive optics instrument will have all of the benefits of the current dotLab mX System plus the ability to use our upcoming sensor disks. The combination of these new technologies will result in significant increases in assay speed as well as multiplex capabilities. Furthermore, the new automation features of the next system will allow for greater throughput enabling diffractive optics-based assays to be used wherever there exists high sample volumes (eg. core laboratory testing facilities). For more information Axela’s future diffractive optics technologies, please contact us directly.

Next Generation Diffractive Optics Unit