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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The diagnosis of mild TBI is often complicated by the presence of symptoms that are common in other medical conditions, or by the delay of symptoms by days or weeks after the initial injury. In other cases, the victim may not recognize the severity of the TBI and fail to mention it to the medical team, or they may not realize that they suffered a brain injury because they were briefly unconscious at the time of the event. Infant children are especially vulnerable due to their inability to effectively communicate their symptoms, or the misinterpretation of symptoms by medical professionals for other disorders or injuries. Misdiagnosis of a TBI increases the likelihood of significant adverse health outcomes including mortality.

A point of care test for TBI biomarkers would be ideal for rapidly assessing the severity of a brain injury suffered by a victim brought to a hospital emergency room. At Axela, we are using flow through multiplex technologies to analyze candidate biomarkers implicated in TBI in order to develop a future point of care diagnostic test. Currently we have been able to achieve high sensitivity (pg/mL levels), low sample requirements (<5 uL) and exceptional analysis speed (approximately 1 hour) in assays which can be readily adapted for use as a clinical test for brain injury victims.

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